About Mez...

Meredith was nearly a Christmas baby born on 28th December 1985. She was always a fun and friendly person as both a child and growing up, though she became a wonderful and intelligent person with opinions and advice valued by others. Her passion was always seen in her determination to fulfill her many dreams; sadly for us, it is this that also took her from us.

Meredith really did touch so many lives with her selfless compassion and loyalty to others and continues to do so now. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her, and she would go out of her way to please everyone and look after everyone. Meredith never knew how much of an impact she had on people. This was a quality of hers, which enabled her to make others laugh, help others when they needed someone to be there and become someone, without recognition, to aspire to.

Meredith had such an incredible presence that the void she has left us with is noticeable every day. Please help us to remember her and continue to spread her smile by supporting her Fund. If you would like to find out more about Meredith's life, please read her book written by John Kercher for a true representation of her witty and loving character filled with stories and memories throughout.

Thank you.